By L.K. Hewlett

St. Kitts Reporter

As a result of improved vigilance, increased patrols and more extensive searches at the sea and air ports and of persons, the Police force Narcotics Unit had seized approximately three hundred pounds (300 lbs) of controlled drugs.

The drugs, which included Heroin, Cocaine and Cannabis were destroyed by fire this Thursday. According to a Police report, the drugs had been intercepted at air and sea ports, during routine stop and search operations and eradication exercises. The report stated that included in the disposal process, were forty pounds of Cocaine and two hundred and fifty pounds of Cannabis.

The Cocaine had an estimated street value of US $1.9 million while the Cannabis was valued at US $1 million if sold on the streets.

Officials in the unit said that they were glad that the drugs were seized and destroyed so that drug dealers and other criminals would not be able to profit from the sale of the illegal drugs.