Adrian Lam Production Manager for St. Kitts Music Festival

Government not spending enough on developing the Arts

Staff Writer

Adrian Lam, production manager for the St. Kitts Music Festival, believes it is time sports associations began sharing their facilities with other groups.

Mr. Lam noted there are a limited number of facilities in St. Kitts and Nevis that can be used by sports associations. He also noted that the Football Association has left the Music Festival Committee with a small window to prepare Warner Park Football Stadium for the mega event.

DThe festiva was launched last evening (June 25) and featured a number of local and international acts performing for the public.  However, Lam was bothered that the Football Association had played its final competition in the facility.

“It was not really the best thing for football to be held on Friday night,” he added. “That is keeping back the Music Festival and it should have really been held on Thursday night.”

Lam said a need exists for cooperation between entities involved in scheduling events. Small nations like St. Kitts and Nevis normally do not see governments spending large sums of money to build sports facilities to entertain the public.

Her added, “For the past 20 years, government has invested a tremendous amount of money on sporting facilities. For a small island, we have more cricket fields and football fields than other larger territories than us. How many performing arts facilities do you know that we have in St. Kitts?  None!  When an argument is made, I would say the government has invested a lot of money in sporting facilities and zero dollars in performing arts facilities.”

The St. Kitts and Nevis Football Association Premier League Playoffs were completed Friday evening, June 17, with SOL Island Auto Conaree winning. That result came after the tournament took a break to facilitate the national team playing for the Caribbean Cup.

Both the Music Festival Committee and SKNFA were frustrated by the unavailability of the cricket ground at Warner Park because of the staging of international cricket during the month of June.

Last year, the Football Association complained about the condition of the grounds after the Music Festival was held there. The Final Four competition had to be played on the cricket facility. He also said because the tournament finished later than expected, preparation and construction of the needed pieces of equipment had been delayed.  This newspaper understands that the preparation and sound checks were not completed until Wednesday.

Lam was asked if there was a possibility of the committee using the old Carnival Village to stage the event.  He responded negatively, saying it is too small for such an event.  He did say that a new village which is large enough to host the public coming through the gates would be sufficient.  The St. Kitts Music Festival is marking its 20th anniversary from June 24-26.