Premier of Nevis The Hon. Vance Amory

Premier of Nevis The Hon. Vance Amory will seek another term in the Nevis Island Assembly when his current term expires in January 2018, if he does not call elections before that date.

This information came from a close confidant of the Nevis Premier who stoke to The Observer on condition of anonymity. The source said this decision was not easy for the veteran politician.

He is serving his fourth term as Premier and considered stepping down when this term ends, but hundreds of Nevisians, many in influential positions in the island, have pled with Mr. Amory to stay on. They say he is needed to continue to maintain the balance of power in St. Kitts and to ensure that the current government continues in Nevis for another five years.

Our source said that, “bringing the finances of the Nevis Island administration under control, lowering the island’s debt and ushering in new blood to create a party Amory is currently nurturing with sufficient decorum is necessary to shepherd Nevis to greener pastures.

Amory was first elected to the Nevis Island assembly in 1987 as the representative for the Parish of St. George’s. Since his first election, Armory has never lost and maintains lopsided margins in seven local  elections since his first contest.

The Premier’s decision has put  on hold the aspirations of several would-be politicians with plans to tackle the St. George’s Gingerland seat. The list includes  CCM Chairman Stedman Tross, who it is claimed is Mr. Amory’s favorite to replace him; Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, Colin Dore. Dore has confirmed to CCM supporters that he is interested but does not stand a chance if he is not anointed by Mr. Amory.

Another is the Permanent Secretary in The Ministry of Agriculture, Eric Evelyn, who though not interested could be persuaded.

Troy Liburd, Junior Minister in the Ministry of Work also has his eyes on the Gingerland seat according to sources close to Liburd.

For now and for the next election, Amory is staying put.