Anglican Community Celebrates 175th Anniversary

St. Paul's Anglican Church

By S. Williams

‘Celebrating Our Heritage, Seizing The Moment, Embracing The Future  is the theme under which the Anglican Community of the North Eastern Caribbean and Aruba celebrates its 175th anniversary.

The diocese, which is made up of 12 Caribbean islands, will see each island being designated a month for celebratory activities. Celebrations for the month of February are being held on Nevis and began at the St. Paul’s Parish Church Hall on Sunday, Feb. 5 with a lecture and presentation on the history of the five Anglican churches and Cottle Church on Nevis. There were approximately 60 persons present at the lecture.

According to Rev. Fr. Christopher Archibald, it is believed that the Anglican Church is the predominant church in St. Kitts in terms of any single denomination, although the population would have seen an overall decline throughout the years as had other churches. He stated this is a serious concern and he believes more needs to be done to correct this societal issue. In terms of the church’s involvement in the community Rev. Archibald highlighted a few areas.

“The Anglican Church has always been involved in the community and giving back. We have a history with schools. For example this Parish Hall which is right next door was previously the girls’ school and if you talk to anybody from any of the parishes they would always tell you that the Anglican Church has schools or the government used our buildings for schools. So we have a history of being involved in education,” Rev. Archibald said.

“In terms of elderly, we always support the elderly not just with visitations in their homes or at the hospital or the nursing homes, but in terms of giving lunches, Christmas packages and stuff like that. Just last year we had a health Sunday where we invited persons from the community to come and get free screening in terms of blood pressure, sugar and stuff like that followed by a short walk then breakfast and worship. So we do have these initiatives where we reach out to the community to give back.”

Other major activities in Nevis for the month of February include a health walk and pilgrimage on Saturday, Feb. 11, from St. Thomas Church to Cottle Church, a short procession on Sunday, Feb. 19, from Memorial Square to the Cultural Complex followed by a rally, a joint service and  St. Georges with all the Anglican Churches on Nevis on Feb. 25. The banquet which was scheduled for Feb. 24 at Mount Nevis will be delayed until March 3..

The celebrations of the 175th

anniversary of the Anglican Community of the North Eastern Caribbean and Aruba began in August 2016 and will end in August this year. Members of the diocese are Antigua, Anguilla, Aruba, Barbuda, Dominica, Montserrat, Nevis, Saba, St. Bart, St. Kitts, St. Eustatius and St. Maarten.


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