By Monique Washington

Development plans for new resorts in the Federation in Garners Estate, St. James Parish, have been announced by Todd Lescott who emphasized that there are no immediate plans to sell the units through the Citizenship By Investment program.

Mr. Lescott made his remarks at a public hearing at Franklin Browne Community Center Tuesday as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment for the project.  He said funders will not be revealed for the $80 million project until the ground breaking.

The Victoria Garden Resort will include 180 guest rooms on 10.1 acres. The project will include a main house, two tennis courts, a restaurant, outdoor dining, a pool, bar, gymnasium and spa. There will be staff and guest parking and walkways.  Each condo will have 1,500 square feet of space, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and living room.

The project will employ 75 people over a five year period. There will be 200 full time employees during the life of the resort.

Developer Frederick Jefforts said the resort will not be franchised. He added that the project will join four other hotel developments in St. James — Candy Resort on Liburd Hill, Oasis in Potworks, Butler Estate in Butler and Northern Point Development at Potworks.

The announcement came weeks after news was released about a proposed five-star development in St. James known as the Northern Point Development.  This is a $180 million 150-room resort to be completed by 2020.  The project has been in the planning two years and financing is secured.

Dr. Cordell ‘Bal’ Rawlins, local director, said the project will have no dependence on the CIP program and that financing has been secured through an Illinois bank in the United States. He said the project has secured a $160 million U.S. loan and involves an ‘international brand.’

Since 2011, there have been 25 hotel projects proposed. Five have started construction according to the Department of Physical Planning.  Projects include two for St. Paul, nine for St. Thomas, 11 for St. James, two for St. Georges and one for St. Johns.

None of the projects for St. Johns, St. Georges or St. Pauls have been started. St. Thomas has begun work on one development and four have been started in St. James.