The newly constructed bandstand at the Artisan Village in Pinneys
The newly constructed bandstand at the Artisan Village in Pinneys
The Hon. Mark Brantley, premier of Nevis and minister of tourism, delivers remarks at the opening of the Artisan Village May 24 at Pinney’s Estate.
A vendor’s booth at the Artisan Village in Pinney’s Estate
A section of people present at the official opening of the Artisan Village at Pinney’s Estate May 24

Artisan Village officially opens at Pinney’s with new additions

From the NIA

CHARLETOWN, Nevis – A popular tourist attraction on the island, the Artisan Village, was officially opened at Pinney’s Estate next to the Nevis Craft House May 24.

At the opening ceremony, the Honourable Mark Brantley, premier of Nevis and minister of tourism, spoke of the Ministry of Tourism’s thinking behind the new facility. “This venue is intended to be a one-stop shop for all things local, all things Nevisian,” he said. “We connected it to the Craft House and many people who come now can walk into the Craft House and actually see the artisans at work weaving their baskets and creating beautiful things. We’re very happy that we have been able to create here with these chattel houses, this beautiful stage, a gazebo, restaurants, snacks, all kinds of things local. … It is a wonderful opportunity, I think, to showcase all things Nevisian. If our own people can come and enjoy it, and if tourists come and enjoy it, then that’s an added bonus.”

Brantley also thanked the local contractors and architect for bringing the concept to life. “I want to single out the contractors and the artisans themselves who created what you see here,” he said. “From looking around, you can see the tremendous value that we have sort to create here.”

Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism John Hanley explained that the Artisan Village serves as a central point which features Nevis’ vibrant culture. “This is a central point for artisans, one-stop shop for those looking for authentic souvenirs of Nevis, a venue for showcasing of live artisan skills, a centre for tangible and intangible expressions of vibrant Nevisian culture,” he said.

The permanent secretary stated that the estimated cost of the project so far is approximately EC$1.5 million. Phase I cost approximately $400,000, which was used in 2008 to establish the first Artisan Village at Old Hospital Road with six units for the artisans, two gazebos and park benches.

The village was relocated to Pinney’s Estate in 2015 due to concerns in part raised by the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society. The new site was selected because it was one of a few green spaces around town large enough to accommodate a project of this nature. Hanley also noted that the new site offers the advantage of being more accessible to visitors and the distinct advantage of forging synergies with Nevis Craft House, where visitors could experience artisans manufacturing and creating local furniture and souvenirs.

Phase II was approximately $800,000, which included expansive work that commenced in 2015. It also included relocation of the original units, fencing, the construction of four additional units, a cafeteria, bathroom and parking facilities, walkways and landscaping.

Phase III began in 2017 with the expansion of the snackette, gazebo area, and a covered band stage to provide a focal point for performing arts, expression and entertainment to visitors. The cost was approximately $300,000.

Currently, the expanded Artisan Village has 10 shop units and 19 craft vendors, who feature products from shell, coconut, leather, ceramics, stone, wood carvings, paintings, locally made soaps, handmade dolls, bamboo work and basketry work, locally designed clothes, and local jewellery. There is a cafeteria, F & B Cafeteria – Marcie’s Tasty Bites and the smoothie shop, which utilises only natural local ingredients. There is a bathroom facility with four cubicles, a gazebo, an entertainment stage-bandstand, a parking lot and improved linkage to Nevis Craft House.

Camille Kelly was the architect and project manager. Contractor Jonathan “Sunda” Liburd completed phases II and III. Contractors Samuel Tyson and Earl Liburd worked on the expansion of the cafeteria, constructed the gazebo and two new units, and assisted with maintenance. LEFCO Equipment Rental Construction Co. Ltd. transported the original units from Old Hospital Road to the Craft House grounds.

Abdue Challenger, Cardinal “Johnny” Williams, Michael Webbe and Christopher Ekeh worked as painters and Neil Bridgeman mapped out the sites for the units at the new location. Vaughan Anslyn designed and painted the artwork on the stage and the gate. Jimmy Simmonds designed and fabricated the sign, which was erected by Glenville Morton. Franklyn Stapleton landscaped the grounds.

Among those present at the ceremony were Acting Deputy Governor-General Her Honour Marjorie Morton, the Hon. Eric Evelyn, the Hon. Spencer and other senior officers in the Nevis Island Administration.