Bandits wheel away with ATM

by Monique Washington

You have to give these thieves credit for enterprise and determination. They stole an ATM machine and made away with it from Vance Amory International Airport.

Police are investigating who rolled away with the ATM machine after unplugging and disconnecting it.  The machine sat behind a glass door on the outside of the airport terminal several feet from the arrival door. No estimate was given as to how much cash the ATM contained.

The Observer spoke with Police Public Relations  Officer Grell Browne on Thursday. The officer noted that though  the machine appeared to be missing the night before, the incident was not reported to the police until “sometime in the afternoon” of Dec. 16
The St.Kitts and Nevis National Bank ATM machine stood at the Vance Amory International Airport for almost a decade. The Observer understands that the machine might have been “out of order” at the time of the robbery.

A reporter from the Observer tried to contact the airport manager Thursday about airport security, but was told be he was not there.

Up to press time, police said they have no suspects under investigation.

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