Shakel Campbell

By S. Williams

Twenty-one year old Shakel Cambell, who last week was charged with two counts of armed robbery and one count of unlawful possession of ammunition, was denied bail when he appeared before the Magistrate Court on Tuesday 14th March 2017.

Although Shakel’s attorney, Mr. John Cato, made a good show of listing over ten reasons why Shakel should be considered for bail after being arrested and subsequently charged, his application for leniency was denied.

According to Mr. Cato, his client was charged for the robbery which took place at the Horsford Building Center located at Stoney Groove Nevis on Friday 17th February, where Shakel was said to have been armed with an offensive weapon (a gun) and then proceeded to rob Vanessa MacDonald, an employee of the establishment (of which he is also a former employee) a sum of $8792.

Because of the severity of the offense, Mr. Cato noted that it will not come to trial for some time, indicating that without bail that would mean that Shakel would be incarcerated until such time. Furthermore, it was stated that although Shakel is not a Nevisian and was actually born in Guyana which makes him being a flight risk appear likely, Mr. Cato asked the court to disregard that presumption as Shakel has been here in Nevis for a very long time.

Shakel is only twenty-one years old, Mr. Cato explained. He came to live in Nevis with his mother who is a long time resident of Craddock Road employed at the Oualie Resort and though at the moment Shakel is not employed, he lives at home with his mother and sister.

His father is a fisherman and also a long term resident of Nevis and he has sureties that will vouch for his presence in court. Additionally, Mr. Cato noted that Shakel will willing surrender his passport and report to the police station daily.

However Police Prosecutor Inspector Eurita Collins- Percival objected. With just a brief statement she was able to overthrow the argument, highlighting just a few reasons why Shakel should not receive bail.

Among said reasons was the fact that the firearms involved in the robbery still had not been found and that if out on bail, Cambell was likely to interfere with witnesses. She also noted that Cambell was not cooperative with officers and reiterated that he is not from Nevis which makes him a flight risk.

In the end Shakel was denied bail by Presiding Magistrate Yasmin Clarke and he was remanded into police custody. Meanwhile the second assailant in the robbery is still at large and Mr. Cambell’s case is expected to go before the Hight Court at a later date.