Hours after the festivities for Culturama 43 ended, an injured  man was brought to the Alexandra Hospital Aug. 9 and was warded as a “John Doe.” He has officially now been identified as Elmos Wilkes.

The Observer understands that on Wednesday, Wilkes was picked up by police officers in Nevis and taken to the Alexandra Hospital. When found, he was bound and apparently beaten and allegedly robbed sometime on Tuesday evening or early Wednesday morning in the area of the Cultural Complex. The Observer further understands that Wilkes spoke after being admitted to the hospital, but has since not spoken.

The Observer understands that Wilkes returned to Nevis last month to attend a family member’s funeral. Wilkes indicated his intent to “spend more time” in Nevis after the funeral and to take in some of the Culturama 43 festivities. Wilkes, who is said to be an older man, was no strange face around Charlestown during his return home and is known to be “very friendly” and “talkative.” Wilkes had been residing in St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands.

“I met him … at a bar in [Charles]town and he told me who he was and who his family was, and all the people he knows in St. Kitts,” said a witness who met the man before he was attacked. “I’m sorry they did that to him.”

The Observer contacted the Police Public Relations Office on Thursday and was told that no such report has reached to them as yet.

At the conclusion of the Culturama festivities, the minister of culture, the Honourable Mark Brantley, noted his pleasure of the annual festival being incident free.

“I am pleased that there was no incident of violence at all,” he said. “In fact, this is the fifth Culturama that we can say we are violence free [and]  incident free. Our people behaved themselves responsibly. I am happy that we in Nevis did not have any incident at all.”

He further commended the security forces and commended the leadership. “I believe the saturation on the grounds of security forces, but also our own investments in CCTV at the various venues for Culturama,” helped with keeping the peace.

As of press time, police have not issued any statement on the incident.