Ren Biao, the Chinese national who has been accused of swindling more than US$100 million from a Chinese-state firm, is currently awaiting a meeting with Chinese authorities so he can have settled his position based on his intention to return to China, according to his attorney.

The Observer previously reported the issue when a report from the Carib Update’s News Break and broadcaster Oslyn Crosby stated that the Beijing government had received no corporation from the government of St. Kitts and Nevis concerning the individual who is a citizen by investment and is accused of swindling from a Chinese-state firm.

The Observer contacted Biao’s attorney, Chesley Hamilton, on Wednesday. Hamilton revealed they are currently awaiting certain information.

“We are to find out if the local authorities investigations [have] ended, is completed, ongoing or outstanding,” he said. “We are waiting [on] that status of their investigations. He is waiting for his passport [and] to meet with the Chinese authorities so that he can have  settled his position based on his intention to return to China,” he said.

In the South China Morning Post, it was quoted that “Ren’s lawyer, Chesley Hamilton, said his client ‘absolutely’ refuted the scope and financial dimensions of the accusations and wanted to return to China with the protection, however limited, of his St Kitts and Nevis passport. He said Ren admitted he was involved in ‘some’ business deals that might have left some people out of pocket, but that he was not guilty as charged. He does not want to be marched off a plane in handcuffs, Hamilton said of his client.”

Attorney Hamilton told the Observer that nothing has changed since speaking with the South China Morning Post.

The article further states that “In May 2014, he was understood to have been made the subject of an Interpol red notice following a request from Beijing, and in April this year he was on an updated list of 22 top fugitives whose personal details – including residential addresses – China released to global media. Beijing accused Ren of fleeing China after he abused his position as head of 20 companies to amass more than US$100 million through fraudulently secured bank loans and bogus business deals. He is also accused of milking millions more out of unsuspecting family members and friends.”

Biao and his wife were detained by local authorities May 30 and released 72 hours later. According to a police press release, the couple was detained for questioning by the police in connection with a “red notice” issued by Interpol in 2014.