The authoritative Bloomberg Financial News identified St. Kitts as the only Caribbean nation to make its “Where to Go in 2018” list. Applauding the story in an interview with The “Observer,” Public Relations Officer of the St. Kitts Tourism Authority (SKTA) Saju Ng’alla said the article exposes the Federation to 50 million, mainly affluent individuals.

In the article titled ‘Where to Go in 2018’ the Bloomberg Businessweek states, “St. Kitts has pulled off a beach-escape hat trick: It feels untouched while being both comfortable and convenient…In terms of convenience, Delta has begun offering nonstop routes from Atlanta and New York, making St. Kitts more accessible than many of its Caribbean peers.”

The publication further indicated that “after surviving last year’s hurricanes unscathed, the destination got a considerable injection of glitz when the 126-room Park Hyatt opened in November.”

Ng’alla explained, “Bloomberg is a prestigious publication that caters mainly to the high end and those are the type of people we are looking to bring to St. Kitts. Three mentions that covers mainly who are high end who are rich and they are seeing St. Kitts that is tremendous.”

Ng’alla added that the publicity generated from the article would provide millions of dollars of marketing for the entire island.

“It means the name St. Kitts is getting awareness that is worth millions of dollars in advertising. We did not influence Bloomberg to come here and do anything, we did not ask them anything. They selected us they know what there audience likes and their audience trusts them. We are hoping that same audience will come to St. Kitts.”


He also highlighted some of the ways they market the island to complement articles such as the one mentioned

“There are a number of things we do to market the destination. We go to our main market in the USA and we target New York, the Ti-state area, Miami, Atlanta and Charlotte and those are cities that have direct flights to St. Kitts.

“We also look at London who also have direct flights to St. Kitts. We go there and market the island we got to the travel agencies at the airports,” Ng’alla stated.

He also noted that social media plays a strong role in their marketing strategy as well as multiple events held throughout the year. “We have a very detailed social media plan and it has been working very well for us.”

We also have the St. Kitts Music Festival and other events such as the cross channel swim. We use various means and we have quite an expensive strategy in getting people to come here to St. Kitts,” he added.

The SKTA official also explained how Nevis is factored into their marketing plan. “Nevis compliments St. Kitts and St. Kitts compliments Nevis. Whenever there is an opportunity we team up and we try and get people to come to St. Kitts, but what we also try to tell people is that you can’t just come to St. Kitts and not go to Nevis because it is a two for one.

“We always look for opportunities to team up and market the entire destination,” Ng’alla stated

Ng’alla as also questioned how crime in the Federation has impacted their ability to market the Federation internationally. “Visitors coming to St. Kitts are safe, we have never had an issue of visitors feeling they are not safe and in fact most people living here in St. Kitts feel safe to be here. Visitors can come and have a wonderful experience.”