Nevis Premier Mark Brantley, in his first budget address, outlined some of his goals during 2018.

“We seek to meet the challenges of an uncertain future, there is need for creativity and the adoption of new programs and initiatives to cope with an ever changing environment. Twenty-Eighteen will witness the implementation of the following new initiatives.”

  • Commencement of the discussion on Legislative changes to the VAT and CIT Legislation to increase revenue base in Nevis
  • Continuation of the road rehabilitation works in Brown Hill and commencement of road works in Craddock Road and Bath Village
  • Procurement of a CT Scan machine to complement the array of services presently offered at the Alexandra Hospital
  • Launching of the Youth  Agri-preneurship Incubator Program to build awareness and promote Agriculture especially among our youths
  • Launching of the Small Business Development Centre to promote innovative entrepreneurial development
  • Appointing a Lawyer to assist the police with the prosecution of criminal cases
  • Establishing an Information Technology Department to advance our country’s ICT development
  • Further upgrades to our education infrastructure to fully implement the TVET Program
  • Fully implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as set by the United Nations to advance the socio-economic wellbeing of our people

“These are just a few of the programs my government intends to implement during this fiscal period. Truly exciting times lie ahead for our island,” Premier Brantley said.