Business urged to properly secure establishments

Deputy Commissioner of Police Hilroy Brandy

By Monique Washington

A call for businesses to properly secure their establishments was repeated by the Deputy Commissioner of Police Hilroy Brandy  after a robbery at Horsford Building Center in Stoney Grove Nevis last Friday, Feb. 18.

The Observer understands that seconds before the ‘closed’ sign was turned, two robbers rushed into the establishment and headed directly to the cashier and demanded money. The robbers made their successful escape through the back door with an undisclosed amount of cash.

According to the an official press release issued by the Police Public Relations Office the incident is being investigated by the  Criminal Investigations Department (CID )and Technicians from the Forensics Services Unit have canvassed the scene for evidence.

The Observer confirmed from Superintendent of Police in Nevis Trevor Mills that no one has been taken into custody or charged in relation to the incident.

Speaking with the Observer on Wednesday, Deputy Commissioner of Police Hilroy Brandy noted that both private and business people should take full advantage of protecting their property with security equipment.

“I am surprised that some business place did not capitalize on it. They really did not capitalize on it,” he said.

He pointed out the government has been giving duty free concessions on security equipment. The Observer confirmed with customs that certain security items are still given duty free concessions.

“Alarms and cameras that is only equipping. You need to get someone to monitor it. Preventative, is if someone can monitor it. So you can see something suspicious coming towards you and you will be able to act before the offence happens,” Mr. Brandy said.

He noted that there had not been many private or business persons investing in  camera and other security measures and noted it would be better  safe measure than using burglar bars .

“Security starts with you and ends with you. The law enforcement is only there to help you. But you must help yourself. When you think about security first then your business will flourish. When you have tight security, people with double think about troubling you,” he said.

Brandy encouraged persons if they see something say something

“We all have to see and say something.  We can’t just rely on the police and criticized the police. You can’t want to attract and still attack the police. We will not be successful.  We want a safe and stable community,” he concluded.

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