By John Denny

Observer Reporter


(Charlestown, Nevis) – Thievery and violence have been particularly hard on local business owners over the last month. The latest was the incident in Bath Village where two masked gunmen entered the restaurant of Hesketh Wade, aka Black Hat, and demanded money shortly after 8 pm on July 11.

Mr. Wade resisted the demand and was shot multiple times before the men fled. He was taken to the Alexandra Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. He remains in the hospital in stable condition.

Two suspects were detained in connection to the crime.

Earlier last week, Wednesday, July 9 the owner of Nevis Bakery, Clinton Willett was relieved of his wallet and a gold chain by two armed masked robbers. One had a knife, the other had a gun.

The incident happened at his residence as he was leaving for work sometime after 4 a.m. In his wallet was cash, credit cards and his driver’s license.

Mr. Willett was injured on his right arm during the mugging. No one has been arrested.

Also on July 11, Charlestown police were called to A1 Business Technologies on the report of a break in. Approximately $20,000 worth of cell phones was stolen. No one has been arrested.

An armed robbery occurred in Cotton Ground on the night of Tuesday, July 1, at the E&F Supermarket. Two masked thugs, one brandishing a gun, made off with the cashier’s purse. Police made an arrest the following day.

At around 10:15 p.m. Wednesday June 18, two masked gunmen entered Young’s Chinese Restaurant on Island Main Road in the Low Street area and robbed the place of an undisclosed amount of cash.

Police conducted operations the following day in and around Charlestown in an effort to solve the robbery. No one was arrested.