The leader of the Nevis Reformation Party NRP, Hon Joseph Parry has revealed that Matthew Macmillan president of BuzzMaker who was detained by police this past week is no stranger to the Federation as his party had once hired him.
According to a Police press release a report was made by Sharon Brantley, wife of Deputy Premier of Nevis, Mark Brantley that an unmanned drone was spotted hovering feet away over their family home in Montpelier.


“As a result, police began their investigations and U.S. citizen, Matthew MacMillan, was held for questioning regarding the matter. He was released late Monday (November 04)” the statement reads.

According to Sharon Brantley via her social media,  ‘the day after the drone incident at my home here is what investigations have revealed thus far: The vehicle driven by the drone operatives was a white Harrier rental with plate R1394 belonging to Mervin’s Car Rental of Prospect. It was being driven by a white man with a black man as a passenger.”

She said that she was able to get a picture of the vehicle.

“As advised they work for a group called Buzz Makers and are hired political propagandists. They were seen meeting in the vicinity of Bananas Restaurant with a dark woman described as someone from Nevis who used to live for a long time in the US but is now working at Banana,” she said.

BuzzMaker is an award winning political consulting firm specializing in eCampaign management, online advertising, and international campaigns International Campaigns. They  provide full service campaign strategy and management for select international clients. This includes field consulting, management consulting, message development, media production / placement and online campaigning

The Observer contacted the leader of the NRP on Thursday who said that Macmillian’s company was hired by the NRP in 2011.

“He was working for the NRP for the 2011 election. He was working with PAM (People’s Action Movement) too.  PAM,” he claimed, “brought them here first. He’s not a stranger; I have known him since 2011. And people in PAM have known him since 2011. They all know him, Vance  (Amory)knows him too. We hired him in 2011 to do our adverts and to be involved in our campaign. Everyone does,” he said.

Parry said however that they did not hire anyone to fly any drones.

“Why would we hire anyone to fly drones? What does that mean to us? What purpose is there flying a drone? Everyone is flying drones. I don’t know who was flying any drones, I have not a clue,” Parry said.