Senator Akilah Byron Nisbett

By Loshaun Dixon

Basseterre, St. Kitts-New deputy Speaker in the National Assembly has delivered a message of hope for youth and women in St. Kitts and Nevis as she was sworn into the parliament on Friday Nov. 18.

Presenting her maiden speech before the National Assembly Akilah Byron-Nisbett stated that in taking on these new responsibilities,she hoped to bring hope.

“Hope to women, mothers and families. Hope to our youth and to our nation that once we keep God at the centre the pieces of our individual puzzles can and will come together to make a whole that will work for the good of all.”

Byron-Nisbett said she was humbled by the words bestowed upon her by her fellow parliamentarians and the advice she had received.

“I’m humbled because there are great expectations that are going to be set for me, and I do make the commitment that I will live up to every single word of each of these honourable members that they would have displayed this morning,”she said.

She described herself as a young and strong individual and stated that this was the right time for her to take up the task.

“In the grand scheme of life, we are but mere puzzle pieces that when placed together cohesively can create a whole, that encompasses a passion and drive for greatness that sees success to all levels of the society in which we live, work and function. It is therefore up to each of us to consider how our puzzle piece can cohesively fit into that whole. We as individuals need to ask ourselves, ‘How can I contribute to that whole? How can my contribution make a difference and how can I positively make an impact to the lives of others?” asked the new parliamentarian.

She continued,“tt is with this in mind that I have humbly accepted the opportunity to be able to stand before this country and offer myself as Senator and now Deputy Speaker in the highest law-making body of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. I do believe that it is important to while I am still young, strong and capable that I positively contribute to that whole, “the new deputy declared.

The new Parliamentarian added that she is aware that by accepting this new position she is now has a role to the largest section and contributors to society in youth and women.

“Rest assured that I do take my responsibility seriously and I give my commitment that my contribution will be on that give strength and perseverance to young people and women in our federation. “Byron said.

She however identified family values and highlighting positive avenues for success as two elements that are important to her.

“As I reflect on the strong family values that has moulded me into the young woman that I am today the presence of both parents throughout my life who have always supported me through my challenges and shared in my successes I can’t help but note the many youths out there…who had to grow up in a single parent home mainly a single mother home.”

She urged fathers to who have not sacrificed as they should to step up and take responsibility.

“I am not saying that they aren’t fathers out there who have not taken their responsibility seriously but we all would agree that there is too great a number who have not. Our father need to understand that our young men need them.”

The new Deputy Speaker stated that young men in the Federation needs their fathers in order to learn how to be men.

“There is no better example of this than from their fathers. A mother can only do so much there the little manly things of life that only a father can explain and help shape mould and deliver.”

She also spoke to the effects of negative thinking has on the youth.

“We continue to see an increase in criminal activity among our youth. We see families that are hurting we see a number of angry youths among us. We even see those who are forgotten and this is due to the false teaching that positive avenues to a successful life no longer exist.

I think it is important for us to bring to the forefront that they are still youths among us that subscribe to the notion that success can be gained through hard work, determination and a drive all by positive means,”she said.

Byron-Nisbett was sworn in as Senator two weeks ago after the Hon. Micheal Perkins who was a Senator and Deputy Speaker resigned his post to fill the Speakers seat following the resignation of Franklin Brand who was Speaker of the National Assembly.