Hon. Mark Brantley Deputy Premier of Nevis

By S. Williams

The Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) party executive recently met to nominate persons for the party’s new top executives.

Party Chairperson Steadmond Tross confirmed that the Hon. Mark Brantley was nominated by Hon. Alexis Jeffers to serve as Party Leader and the Hon. Alexis Jeffers was in turn nominated by Hon. Mark Brantley to serve as Deputy Leader.

The Observer understands that the Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams was unanimously nominated as Party Chairperson.

According to Brandy-Williams who currently serves as Junior Minister in the Ministry of Social Development, she is pleased with the nomination and considers it as a step in the right direction.

“It has always been my believe to run for elective politics and that is why when I was asked to be a part of this government I took the opportunity because I saw it as a part of the stepping stone to get to the next level. So I am actually putting things in place to run at some point,” she said.

When asked if the “some point” would be the upcoming elections that would be called in Nevis by January 2018, she stated, “I can’t say next election because next election is very soon so I don’t see myself being fully prepared as I ought to be for that election. But in the not too distant future, I will – I shall have my name on the ballot.”

Brandy-Williams said she considers her nomination   as a step in the right direction and confirmed the rumors of her nomination as the Party’s Chairperson.

“That is indeed a step up. What it is for now is a nomination. I have been nominated but then it has to go caucus and at caucus we will then vote on it. What I can say at this point is that I have no opposers, no opposition to speak. I have been unanimously nominated so to speak for that position. But it is indeed a step in that direction. I look for every opportunity to advance my cause,” she said.

Other nominations are said to include Keith Scarborough – nominated Deputy Chairperson, Lorna Hunkins – nominated Secretary, Oscar Walters – nominated Treasurer and Timothy Caines – nominated Public Relations Officer.

According to reports, the proposed candidates for the executive will be ratified at the caucus slated for Sunday 26th March 2016 and the reports circulating are that the CCM’s Leader, Hon. Vance Amory, will not be contesting the next Nevis Island Assembly elections.