By L.K. Hewlett

St. Kitts Reporter

Another four hundred acres of canefields were set on fire Thursday evening, spanning almost half the length of the Kim Collins Highway.

Firetrucks responded to the scene of the blaze just as a precautionary measure as they could do nothing to oust such a large burning area. They parked close to the Taiwan Technical mission, known as the Taiwanese Farm, as the fire came dangerously close to the complex.

Fire Chief Hester Rawlins joined his crew at the scene and told The Observer he was certain that the fire was set on purpose.

“This was definitely deliberate. Just when we thought the appeals made recently were being heeded, some person or persons have gone and set a canefield on fire again. We got the call around 8 p.m. this evening and responded immediately but since there is no real danger to any property, we are just monitoring the fire until it burns out,” Rawlins said.

The fire spread across the expanse on the northern side of the highway, reaching close to the Conaree area, a fireman said. None of the power lines in the area were reportedly damaged during the inferno.

The island has been plagued with numerous field fires, so much so that the Minister of Housing, Lands and Agriculture joined the fire officials in issuing warnings to the arsonists. Hon. Cedric Liburd had warned of the health risk, the risk of life and property whilst noting the fact that arson was a crime punishable by Law.