Carnival Queen Show Reloads

By Suelika N Buchanan

The Observer

Six beautiful ladies have stepped up to compete for the National Carnival Queen crown.

And, one of them is the reigning Miss Culturama Queen, Jamilla Parris.

The public got a chance to see the ladies at the launching of Carnival, which was held last Friday Nov. 4 at the Independence Square.

The ladies are: the St. Kitts Music Festival sponsored, Janelle Williams; Terra Forma sponsored, Grace Woodley; Cable & Wireless sponsored, Larissa Mars; Beaumont Park sponsored, Genelle Howell; Smirnoff Ice sponsored, Unique Browne and ofcourse Miss Culturama Jamilla Parris, who is sponsored by Ginseng Up.

Parris made the cut when she and nine others participated in a pre-carnival activity last Thursday Oct. 27, at the Bird Rock Beach Hotel. They competed in swimwear, casual wear and interview.

The last Miss Culturama to compete in the national pageant was Hazel Glasford in 1992. She ended up winning the national crown.

Hazel’s entrance and her eventual crowning caused quite a stir in the Federation, particularly in St. Kitts, where many people view the pageant as a ‘St. Kitts Queen Show.’

Chairperson of the pageant’s committee, Shelda Webster, said there will be no controversy this year with Miss Culturama entering the pageant.

“She went through the same procedures just like everyone else,” Webster said.“People like to talk about who they think will win the show, they always talk about the girl with the most experience will win or the girl who is Mr. So and So’s daughter, but, however, for this competition the girls will be judged solely on their performance on the night of the show and other activities,” she said. “They have to meet deadlines, hand in pageant information, and showing up on time for activities, punctuality is very valuable for a Miss St. Kitts Queen, the extra points for showing up on time for a function can help her win.”

Webster feels strongly that if Parris is crowned that there will be no conflict for her in choosing which island to represent when she competes in regional pageants.

“We are one Federation, and it will be a plus for her because she will be representing both islands,” she said. “The other contestants are not at all intimidated by Parris in any way because she is presently holding a crown. Some of them are experience in pageants and are just as talented as she is and I think that all the girls will put on a good show and the winner is to be seen on the night,” Webster said.

Parris said that she sees the pageant as just another show.

“I’m just cool and calm about it, I’m a National of St. Kitts and Nevis and I will leave my performance on the night in the hands of the Lord,” she said.