Cayon High School has been awarded with the 2018 Hands Literacy Award from the Hands Across The Sea and the Christophe Harbour Foundation.

The school that was one of many that have beneficiaries of book and library resources from both parties received the award from Hands Across The Sea founder Harriet Linskey and Charles Darby of the Christophe Harbour Foundation.

`Speaking at a brief ceremony at the school’s Library Mrs Linskey said that they are really pleased to award the Hands Literacy Award to Cayon High School. “We are really pleased because it was only two years ago this was an empty room and there was not much in here at all.

“Under the leadership of your principal, and the student librarians this new library has really been transformed. It is filled with brand new books and the children have really taken an interest.”

She credited the Christophe Harbour Foundation whom she said made it possible for the school to receive the donation of books.

Charles Darby of the Christophe Harbour Foundation noted that they take pleasure in doing their part in supporting the children of the Federation and commended the work of the student librarians and Hands across the sea. “This is a very well deserved honour and something that you should be very proud of, we are proud to be supporting you at the Christophe Harbour Foundation.”

Principal of the Cayon High School Francil Morris expressed his delight that the school has been chosen for the award. “I want to thank you because when we met first, we would have discussed what the vision is for us and you came on board and were able to help us transform this space into an area where our students are excited to come and read. I am indeed pleased this has come to fruition because of your help.”

He indicated that the students love the books and were the ones who ultimately decided what literature was required. “This is all about them and I am extremely proud that they are the ones who made the decision.”

Britney Martin a student librarian of the school thanked the two organisations on behalf of the students of the school and promised that the books would be put to good use. She said “These books are a blessing, these books expand our vocabulary and we learn new things every hour.”

The Hands Literacy Award recognizes Eastern Caribbean schools, libraries, reading programs, and after-school youth centres that are leading the way in child literacy are rewarded with U.S. $1,000 in books or literacy resources of their choice.

That  winners are chosen on: creating, rejuvenating, and sustaining a lending library; commitment to literacy by staff; “ownership” of the library by children; literacy-focused initiatives such as a student librarian program, remedial reading, book clubs, and poetry and writing groups; library infrastructure improvements; involvement by community members.