The Charles E. Mills Secondary School (CEMSS) once again showed its dominance in track and field as it ran away with victory at the 2018 Giant Malt High School Relay Competition, while Washington Archibald High School took top honours at a reintroduced cheerleading contest.

CEMSS team members dominated the other eight schools in the competition at the Kim Collins Athletic Stadium from the first race and kept up their winning momentum until the end of the competition. They captured 18 medals overall winning 10 Gold, five Silver , and three Bronze medals.

They were trailed in second place by the last year winners the Washington Archibald High School, which captured 15 medals while, the Charlestown Secondary School finished third with eight medals.

Minister of Education and Sports the Hon. Shawn Richards hailed the meet saying the championships was a collaborative brainchild of and physical education teachers along with coordinators from the Ministry of Education and coaches from the Department of Sports.
He added that the gate entrance fees and other revenue made from the meet would be pumped back into the schools in the form of cash and equipment. “I am proud to say that all the proceeds from this meet go back to the schools. In November of last year equipment and support material valued at over $20,000 were distributed to the schools.”

“This meet is unique from all others, as your monetary support is directly working for you as it is returned to schools. The monies are not just returned in cash, which may be redirected to other programmes, but in the equivalent which would allow the direct benefit to sport and physical education programmes, ”Richards indicated.

He also hailed the competition organisers for the reintroduction of the cheerleading competition that was won by the Washington Archibald High School. “I also wish to applaud the inclusion of the cheerleading competition.”

Richards implored the young cheerleaders to take their participation seriously as moves are being made to make it a demonstrating discipline at the 2020 Olympic Games. He said,“It is my understanding that there is an application for cheerleading to be one of the demonstration activities at the next Olympics.

“So while it may not be seen as a sport there are opportunities for scholarships and international representation in that area. So if your passion is dance, I encourage you to go out and to become involved,” Richards indicated.

The student athletes will now be turning their attention to their individual school sports days before returning to the venue in March for the Rams Primary School Championships and for CEMSS to defend its TDC Interschool title.