Charges against DADA dismissed

Broadbelt adds more years to sentence

By Monique Washington

Dwight “Dada” Dore who was  charged with larceny along with Allen Broadbelt in April, has had the charges against him dismissed while  Mr. Broadbelt received an additional three years in prison.

On Tuesday Mr. Dore and Broadbelt appeared before Magistrate Yasmine Clarke in Charlestown to answer to the joint charge of larceny. Broadbelt pleaded guilty while Dore pleaded not guilty. Dore was represented by defense counsel Mickia Mills.

Police Prosecutor Inspector Eurita Percival brought forward three witnesses. First was Varita Bailey. who testified that while she was in charge of a house in Nugents Heights in October 2015, she called police to the house after someone apparently removed to outside doors and replaced them with pieces of wood across the doorway. Under cross examination she revealed that she never saw who took the doors.

Officer Jasper Carty testified that he responded to the larceny report of larceny and noticed that the outside doors were missing.  On April 29, 2016 a search team executed a search warrant in Bath Village on the residence of Allan Broadbelt. He noted that among the perceived stolen items that were removed from Broadbelt’s residence, two doors that were attached to Broadbelt residence which matched the description given by Bailey were also removed under suspicion of being stolen.

On April 30 Bailey was brought to the Charlestown Police Station where she positively identified the doors as belonging to the house in which she is in charge.

On May 3 Officer Carty testified that he met Dore at the Charlestown Police Station. Carty questioned him about stealing the doors and Dore responded, “Officer I ain steal no door. I gave Allen a lif in my jeep”. On May 6th Dore was formally charged with larceny.

On cross-examination, Mills questioned Carty as to if any search warrants were executed on the home of Dore who resides in Butlers village. He responded no. He was asked if the doors were found at Dore’s home in Butlers and he said no.

“Then the he only evidence is that he allegedly told you that he gave Allen a lif?” Mills asked. Carty said “yes”.

Last to the stand was Corporal Jervan Weekes. He testified that he went to the house at Nugent Heights where he noted that doors were missing. Under cross-examination, he admitted that no doors were taken from the property of Dore and no search warrant were executed on Dore’s property.

At the end of the testimonies defense attorney Mills submitted a “no case submission” on behalf of Mr. Dore.

“The charge brought forward was larceny. To permanently deprive the owner thereof. The only thing that links Dore was the statement “I gave Allen a lift in my car” .Your honor the evidence is not enough. No warrant executed. No finger prints. No door found at Dore’s home,” she said.

Magistrate Clarke agreed with Mills and dismissed the charges against Dore.  Before sentencing Broadbelt Magistrate Clarke asked him what he had to say.

“I apologize for what I have done and I won’t do it again.” Broadbelt said.

Magistrate Clarke then sentenced him to three years in prison to run concurrent to the other sentence.

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