It’s taken two years but a member of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force will finally have his day in court to face a charges in the shooting of a security guard on Sept. 19, 2015.

Constable Randolph Diamond had been charged with wounding with intent days after shooting 55 year-old security guard Steadroy Sutton on Independence day (September 19) in 2015. Now, he will face the High Court Judge Justice Lorriane Williams during the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court Criminal Assizes Nevis Circuit this month for allegedly shooting a security while in plain clothes.

The Observer interviewed Sutton after the incident and he indicated that he was working as a security guard at Turtle Times restaurant at Pinneys Beach. The guard said he was dressed his security uniform, performing routine patrol of the restaurant’s environs at around 2am when a person walked from the direction of Sunshine Bar and Restaurant to Turtle Times’ yard and started urinating.

The restaurant was closed at the time but there was a fete at the adjacent Lime restaurant where a band was playing. Sutton said he attempted to stop the man from relieving himself on the restaurant grounds, but the individual refused to move away.

Shortly after the officer opened fire and struck Sutton in his groin and lower back .
The Observer contacted Sutton on Wednesday who noted that he was happy that the case has finally reached to the High Court, however he received the information through the “grapevine.” He claims he he hasn’t heard anything yet from the Director of Public Prosecution about the case.

“ Someone told me that the case was in the high court but my lawyer hasn’t called me yet. This Is what I want, to get it over with. It has been long enough. It time to get on with this case,” Sutton said.

The Observer also spoke with Ruth Powell of the Foundation of Social Concerns, on Wednesday who noted that she will be there to show Sutton support.
“We are glad that it is finally coming up. Considering the way other cases have gone I am not sure what to expect. I think we are just going to give it a wait and see attitude. I will be there to give him support, Powell said.
Diamond is scheduled to appear in court on November 27.