By John Denny

Nevis Reporter

(Charlestown, Nevis) – The Nevis Island Authority promise of bringing drag racing to Nevis is slowly becoming a reality. The drag strip, located between Zion and Eden Brown is being built by Surry Aggregate. Paving the strip is still a ways down the road, but hopefully by Emancipation Day hot rods will blasting down the lanes two by two.

“We have a large number of young people who want a place to drag race,” said Deputy Premier Hensley Daniel. “Right now they are doing it illegally and we want to provide them with a safe place to do it.”

Even though there has been a rise in vehicle accidents on the island over the past few years, Minister Daniel said no accidents have been the result of drag racing, at least not yet.

“I want the public to know that we are proceeding on this in a very systematic and orderly manner,” said Minister Daniel. “I don’t want the public to think we are doing something that is going to get people hurt or killed. We have a plan to make this a very safe sport.”

There are plans to purchase two more ambulances and additional emergency equipment that can be standing by at the track in case something happens on race days.

“We are going to require drivers to have a special license,” Minister Daniel said. “Their cars will go through a safety inspection to determine if they are road worthy and those cars will receive a special registration. Drivers will be required to wear protective clothing and equipment and they will have to abide by rules and regulations.”

There are two main reasons for the NIA wanting to build the drag strip.

“We are doing this for the entertainment and the economic value it will bring to the island of Nevis,” Minister Daniel said. “There is potential for this bring a lot of money to Nevis.”