Nevis Treasury Building about to Rise from its Ashes

The reconstruction of the Nevis Treasury building in Charlestown, destroyed by fire three-years-ago is moving ahead despite the quires and concerns brought forward by the Nevis Historical and  Conservation Society.

The Observer spoke with Permanent Secretary of Finance Colin Dore who said they would have met with the society previously and addressed many of the concerns brought forward. He said  the society had concerns with the roof and height of the building .He noted that the reconstructed building will be the same height as the Cotton Ginnery building which is on the opposite side of the Treasury in Charlestown and the roof will appear as that of a standard roof.

He noted that for this project there will be no ground breaking ceremony held and they will be moving straight in the reconstruction. This week the site had been prepped for construction with the placing of safety boards around the premises for pedestrians.

The burnt remains of the old building was demolished August 12. A Press release was made public August 15 by the NIA detailing a claim that the reconstruction of the complex would not undermine Charlestown’s architectural integrity. It’s claimed the  building will cost an estimated EC$8 million.

The Director of the NHCS Nichole Liburd previous said that NHCS, was “unaware of what the current plan is.”

Some of their objections included design scale height and size of the building which they consider to be inappropriate for Charlestown.  There also was an objection to a government office being in the town.

\“We support the call for World Heritage Status. We’re just asking the government to be mindful to that, and get as many stakeholder views as possible. We’re here to be an independent body, to give views to public and private projects as necessary. So we’re just asking for that same level of discussion with everybody, not just the NHCS. Everyone has a stake to what happens in Charlestown.”