Counsel: ‘It is clear PM Harris took no bribe’

From the Office of the Prime Minister

In a legal opinion dated May 18, Dr. Henry Browne QC, a highly regarded Queen’s counsel, says he is “wholly satisfied that the prime minister of St. Kitts and Nevis committed no criminal act whatsoever.”

Browne delivered his legal opinion relating to the judgment of Lord Justice Holroyde and Justice Dingemans, which was given in the High Court of Justice (England and Wales) May 11 in regard to Virdee and Trutschler v NCA.

In his well-considered legal opinion, Browne writes “…it is clear beyond a per-adventure that the prime minister of St. Kitts and Nevis broke no law. He took no bribe. He gave no bribe. The transcripts [of recorded phone conversations] amply support and prove this conclusion.”

Browne mentions in the legal opinion that “the prime minister, like all other citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis, is entitled to the presumption of innocence, equality before the law and the protection of the law.”

He also notes that “bribery is the giving to someone a financial or other advantage to encourage that person to perform their functions or activities improperly or to reward that person for having already done so. There is nothing in the transcripts which could approximate to a bribe. Indeed, this is clear from the transcripts themselves.”

Prime Minister the Honourable Dr. Timothy Harris emphatically maintains that, under his Team Unity government, the Office of the Prime Minister has at all times adhered to the highest standards to which the citizens and residents of the federation are entitled to and must hold their government.