Colin and Caroline 2017

By S. Williams

Members of the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society last Saturday attended a private reception hosted at the Hermitage Plantation Inn to celebrate the anniversary of a couple who was instrumental in the reenactment of an event of historical importance to Nevis.

The couple, Colin and Caroline MacMillan from West London returned to Nevis last week to celebrate their 30th anniversary on the same day they were married twice – once for real and once during a reenactment of Admiral Horatio Nelson’s marriage ceremony to Fanny Nisbet on 11thMarch 1987.

Colin and Caroline 1987

The MacMillans first came to Nevis in 1985 when they were introduced to the island by a BBC producer whom they worked alongside during their courtship. Colin MacMillian now 71, worked as an accountant while Caroline, 73, was a historian and is now an author.

During the couple’s second visit, James Gaskell, the then owner of the Montpelier Plantation Inn to them about having a destination wedding in Nevis during a week of activities commemorating Nelson in 1987, to which they readily agreed.

So after their own quiet ceremony, Colin and Caroline played somewhat grander roles of Lord Nelson and Fanny at 4 pm at Fig Tree Anglican Church. Other players, including local Nevisians and expatriates, wore costumes and gowns depicting those worn back in 1787.

“It was wonderful.  It was an important day.  It was part of the history of this lovely island, reflecting what happened 200 years ago on the island of Nevis,” Colin stated.

“Nelson is very renowned and respected. It was also a very special day for us personally. We played a small part in portraying some of the rich history of Nevis, which is a happy little place.  We came back this year to say thank you.”

The  musical drama, Horatio, written and directed by Nevisian writer Amba Trott also acts as a highlight of the occasion, and the NHCS is the custodian of a collection of Nelson memorabilia.