Clayton Mills Former Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force Assistant Commissioner

By Monique Washington

Former Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force Assistant Commissioner Clayton Mills body was found early Wednesday morning at his home in Barnaby. Mills, in his late 60s, served on the police force for almost four decades.

The Observer understands Mills was last seen the day before  looking out of his window. On Wednesday, After Mills did not respond to numerous phone calls, his cousin Julian Mills climbed through an open window at his cousin’s home and found the body. Mills was laying on the floor in the hallway. The police were summoned to the scene, where Mills was pronounced dead. An autopsy will be conducted on the remains to determine the cause of death.

Mills served in both St. Kitts and Nevis from 1965 to August 2004 when he retired as assistant commissioner of police. He also served as police prosecutor.

On Thursday, Ian Queeley, Commissioner of Police said he joined the force due to Mills influence. At the time, Mills was a sergeant at Dieppe Bay Police Station.

“He made me want to join the force,” Queeley said. “He was my mentor. I would consider him to be a model for community policing. He used to organize cricket in the community and was a very influential person. When I am in Dieppe people still always ask me when last I see Serg?”

Queeley noted that Mills was very knowledgeable in police prosecuting and traffic, two departments where he worked.

On Wednesday, The Observer spoke to Sergeant Terrence Wyatt, a former co-worker, who described Mills as a “very, very nice man. You can go anywhere and they will tell you the same thing.”

Wyatt noted that Mills was a very respectable and approachable in the force and in the community.

“Anybody could go to Mills and ask him a question, he was that approachable,” Wyatt said. “He would answer the question and give you advice. He was very quiet, when Mills was in charge of the Charlestown Police Station, if there was something a constable needed to do, Mills would simply go to them and ask. His mantra was, hand come hand go, meaning when they do extra work in return he would give them a day off. He gained a lot of respect like that.”

In 2011, Mills was appointed Registration Officer in Nevis 11. In 2013, he tendered his registration as Registration Officer.