By Ketricia Finch

St. Kitts Reporter

All focus was on Angela Rouse as she sang the popular calypso tune Rally ‘Round the West Indies at the OECS Cultural Night Show last week Thursday.

Both locals and foreigners assembled around the stage of the ECCB grounds to witness as the singers melodiously rendered their songs; as the different dance groups glided across the stage and the actors and poets emotionally recited their lines.

The ECCB Dance Dimensions group danced to the road march tune, Small Axe Band’s Dance de Masquerade in gold headpieces, red overalls and white frilly skirts.

After that, Electa Burke recited a poem entitled Look at how they’re treating me! The poem was about an HIV positive person in society who is rejected by everyone because she has the disease. Electa pleaded to the community to love even the HIV positive person the disease does not kill a person faster, it’s the bad feeling the person has because of rejection.

In her poems, she says that a person who is HIV positive can educate others about ways in which they can and cannot contract the disease if others would only listen instead of scorning and hooting.

The Divine Praise Dancers out of the Antioch Baptist Church danced gracefully to a popular Bob Marley tune Redemption Song, wearing the national costume with the matching headpiece.

Nigel Browne of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and a local gospel artist also sang I for Jesus.

Carla Astaphan did a tribute to Bob Marley in a monologue entitled Bob Marley and Me.

The ECCB choir was comical as they sang two folk tunes known as Five Hundred Piece a Zinc and Stark in me Lan’.

A lady who call herself the Mighty High Heels entertained the audience singing a witty calypso. Vincent DeFreitas accompanied her at the back of the stage playing a bass guitar.

Sylvester Dore was amusing in a dramatic presentation. Sylvester imitated a homeless person acquiring knowledge of the nation’s 2007 World Cup Cricket. A dance group from ECCB known as El Club Espanol de ECCB did some hot salsa steps. Patrons cheered them as they did their choreography.

King Sacrotes was brilliant as he sang a tune called Let the Games begin.

The night also included an exhibition where individuals got a chance to see various displays such as money that survived the September 11, 2001 attack, fraud money and features people should look for to determine legal money from fake ones.