The construction of the new and improved Cultural Village is nearing an end as it sets to for its official open on July 14 with a grand bingo while the VIP area is currently being built at the Cultural Complex.

The Observer visited the construction site July 6 and saw a number of workers on the grounds. All the containerized food booths/bars are awaiting the tile work of the floor and other small finishing touches. Each container is painted with a vibrant color. The containers will be solely owned by the Culturama Secretariat and will be leased to interested patrons. The stage had been erected, with the roof finished. Backstage has the addition of dressing rooms.

The entrance to the new Cultural Village mirrors that of the Cultural Complex, which has areas to enter and exit. The most noticeable change at the Cultural Village is the addition of the high, raised VIP area that sits close to the entrance gate so users can have an undisturbed view of performances on the stage. The area is decked with ceiling fans.

The entire grounds at the Cultural Village are now concrete.

According to the chairman of the 43rd staging of Culturama, Antonio Liburd, the bathrooms have been refurbished and an additional bathroom facility has been added near the entrance. The Cultural Village will now have a police command post in close proximity to the Rose Garden, which has also been redone, making it a nicer and safer venue.

The official opening date for the Cultural Village will be July 14, which will follow Culturama’s grand $10,000 bingo. The second activity will be the Culturama 43 Senior Kaiso Fiesta semifinals.

The official opening of Culturama will be July 27.