Nevis’ Culturama 43 might go down as the biggest Culturama thus far, with a week of exciting activities and entertainment with seven crowns being up for grabs.

This year’s event was held under the theme “Our Festival. Our Legacy. Culturama 43.”

The first competition for the season was that of the Peachicks Junior Calypso show. Nine competitors entered the arena with hopes to dethrone the four-time king, Shomari “Mighty  Sookie” Mitchell. It was 12-year-old Terron Invincible Webb who had the honor to end Mighty Sookie’s reign, amassing 256 points. Mighty Sookie amassed 252 points, while newcomer  Zyon “ LegaZ” Harding received 239 points, securing the second runner-up position

The next competition on the calendar was that of the Mr .and Miss Talented Youth Pageant. Ky-Manie Browne and  Darica Jeffers of the St. Thomas’ Primary captured the crowns, amassing 587 points. They also captured Best Talent, Best Creative Costume and Best Sponsor Appreciation. The first runner-up was the Jocelyn Liburd Primary School’s Eldon Liburd and Shante Hendrickson, with 565 points; the second runner-up was the Ivor Walters Primary School’s Dakari Browne and Jahniya Wilkin, with 536 pts, and third runner-up the Charlestown Primary School’s Samuel Clarke and Sheniel Rodney with 504 points.

A 62-point win was what Tereka Browne had over her closest competitor for the Miss Culture Swimwear. She was sponsored by Miss Clive Evelyn’s Construction and won with 770 points. Browne captured all the judged segments – Best Identical Swimwear, Best One Piece, Best Two Piece and Best Creative Swimwear. First runner-up  Monique Hall, Miss Nevis Solid Waste Management, scored 708 points, while second runner-up Kachiana Robin, Miss F.I.T Wellness Center, received a score of 696 points.

The Culturama Soca Monarch saw Delly Ranks capturing both Groovy and Gower Soca crowns for the second year in a row. Eight performers competed  in each category. At the end, Ranks amassed 411 points in the Groovy Soco; first runner-up was X Man with 410 points; and second runner-up was Eto Dan & Kz with 397 points. In the Power Soco, Delly Ranks amassed 425 points, while first runner-up was Selecta Mad & Woodis with 415 points and second runner-up was a tie between Daddy Tustee and  Eto Dan & Kz with 370 points each.

The 2017 TDC Senior Kasio Monarch had a historic 10 finalists competing. HOLLYWOOD walked away with his second Culturama Kasio Monarch crown, amassing 830 points. First runner-up was Daddy Nature with 811 points and newcomer to the Culturama arena and the only female in the finals was second runner-up, CharisD with 792 points.

The last Culturama activity was the converted Miss Culture Queen Pageant. Five beauties vied for the crown in five judged segments. At the end of the night, Khalitra Swanston, Miss Carib Brewery, was crowned Miss Culture with a total of 797 points, five points of which she earned for early arrival. She also won Best Interview segment, Best Evening Gown Appearance and Best Performing Talent segment. First runner-up was Merv-Ann Thompson, Miss Development of St. Kitts & Nevis, with 794 points, and second runner-up was Zarina Alcendor, Miss FLOW, with 783 points. She also captured Best Cultural Speech Presentation and Best Swimwear Appearance.

Culturama 43 will officially end Aug. 19 with the prize-giving ceremony.