Culturama will market its events during the carnival in St. Kitts.

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis — A key volunteer group charged with planning and staging Culturama 45 in 2019 says it will make a historic move with early promotions beginning at the National Carnival in St. Kitts next month.

“The Culturama Committee has decided that we will soon begin the early marketing and promotion of Culturama 45 and we decided our marketing efforts would begin as early as December,” Abonaty Liburd, Executive Director of the Culturama Secretariat said. “This will be the first time we will launch the festival this early. We will go to St. Kitts and take part in the carnival to promote our summer festival.”

Liburd added that with the permission of the St. Kitts Carnival Committee, the Culturama Committee will participate in street activities, including J’ouvert and the parade.