Vice President of Operations at Christophe Harbour John Gersonda

By Loshaun Dixon 

Basseterre, St. Kitts-The Opening of the Customs House at The Marina at Christophe Harbour is one of the major milestones the company will celebrate in 2017.

Vice President of Operations at Christophe Harbour Jon Gersonde told reporters five retail stores have already opened at The Marina and gave some details about the customs house.

“Inside the customs house in addition to the immigration and customs will be a crew lounge, sail center and fitness center,” adding that the customs house in on track for a late summer opening.

“The customs is not just a building but inside it has so many different assets and facets to it and all along the way you will see development happening in and around the marina.”

Mr. Gersonde also spoke about the opening of the Park Hyatt Hotel stating that in schedule for a summer opening as well and when parlayed with the opening of the Customs House Opens will spark activity on the South East Penninsula.

“In our view it will spark the peninsula with a lot more activity and a lot more things to do. And Christophe Harbour has a whole myriad of activities that we will be launching in the summer, so you will see more and more activities building up as we forge into 2017,” he said.

As to the development of residential buildings in the area, he said, “The development of homes is ongoing when you come in you see a very large home being built. We just broke ground on a very large home on the hill and as the activity continues you will see more and more home being built.”

Gersonde highlighted the improvement in traffic at the Marina since it was opened.

“The traffic year on year has been up exponentially and we are quite excited about the marina. The vessels come and they go. Those big boats that you see there come for a day sometimes three days and we don’t even know what is going to be there come tomorrow,” he said.