By Kenneth Williams

Bevis Sylvester, Delta Petroleum’s Regional General Manager, has objected to an article published in The Observer Oct. 7 regarding Delta’s relationship to Nevis Electricity Co. (NEVLEC), calling it libellous and misleading.

While this newspaper always does its best to adhere to the highest journalistic standards and publish the truth, we do apologize for any libellous or misleading statements made in that story and are happy to publish the corrections requested by Mr. Sylvester.   Following are his stated reasons for his complaint:

According to Sylvester, “At no time did Delta breach its contractual obligations with NEVLEC and this was so not only because Delta values its business relationship with NEVLEC but also because to do so would have been a wrongful act which would have exposed Delta to a claim for damages.

As far as Mr. Sylvester is aware there was and has never been any allegation by NEVLEC that Delta breached its contract.   .” In fact we continue to enjoy a good contractual relationship with NEVLEC despite the fact that there might be issues which require resolution from time to time.”Sylvester said.

According to Mr. Sylvester NEVLEC’s demand for lubricant increased to such an extent during the months of May and June 2016 that Delta was unable to immediately meet same from its present supply.  Mr. Bevis Sylvester, Regional General Manager for Delta, was contacted by Mrs. Merchant, NEVLEC’s chief accountant, to apprise him of the lubricant shortage and that during the course of the conversation Mr. Sylvester advised Ms. Merchant that Delta Petroleum would take immediate steps to obtain additional lubricant from its supplier in Trinidad.

During the conversation Mrs. Merchant also advised Mr. Sylvester that NEVELEC had put temporary measures in place to obtain lubricant from the electricity generating plant in St. Kitts with whom it had a working relationship.

Delta subsequently obtained the necessary lubricant from Trinidad and was able to address all NEVLEC’S lubricant needs in quick time and has since that time continued to supply NEVLEC with lubricant and lubricant products in keeping with terms of the Agreement.

The fuel company’s Regional General Manager said that his company cherishes relationships in St Kitts and Nevis both of which it has painstakingly built up over 30 years.