DigicelPlay customers will be compensated on their next month bill for service lost due to outages caused through the company.

This past week, DigicelPlay informed its customers that their accounts will be credited by $10 for inconveniences, noting that the “outages calculated are strictly those caused through the Digicel network and not from a third party factor.”

According to a notice issued on Aug. 6 by DigicelPlay’s operations manager, Justin John: “We are aware that you may have been inconvenienced by the loss of service due outages over the past few weeks. Our monitoring metrics indicate that the total length of outages was 26 hours. With this in mind, we would like to advise you that your account has been credited $10 for the inconvenience associated with these outages. The credit is valued as the equivalent of two days service.”

Just last month, the DigicelPlay passed on an increase to its cable and internet customers by $5.85  and $10.

In a previous interview with the Observer, John noted that the increase would come effective on July 1.

“Customers were informed from DigicelPlay TV station, text message and office communications and through their weekly radio talk shows and in their bills,” he said, saying the increase on cable will be effective July 1 because “[since] we have some broadband challenges, we decided to stagger that increase in broadband until August, when we get that issue rectified.”

John explained the reasons for the new increase.

“We have made some significant investments,” he said. “We have done serious upgrades on the TV side of things. On the broadband side, with the amount of users we have, we have had to increase the capacity available to us, which is a significant investment on our side as well. Unfortunately, it kind of reflects [on] the customers, but I can guarantee once those are implemented, which is all a part of why we have the challenge right now, that the service will be even better than what it was in the past two to three months since we have been getting to capacity on our broadband.”