Domino Awards Ceremony (third from left) Prime Minister Dr. Harris with the 2018 champions from the Parsons Domino Team (second from left) team captain Colonel Mills; with Glenda Romney holding the trophy.

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts –- Winning teams in the 23rd annual Constituency Number Seven Dr. the Hon Timothy Harris Domino League received accolades and awards during the Jan. 12 awards ceremony held at the Edgar Gilbert Sporting Complex pavilion in Molineux.

The event was chaired by the Peoples Labour Party Deputy National Political Leader Senator the Hon Akilah Byron-Nisbett. Domino players and their fans attended from Constituencies Six and Seven.

Saddlers Domino Club and Parsons Domino Club from Constituency Number Six took part in the 2018 Domino Competition. Parsons made history, becoming the first team from outside Constituency Number Seven to win the championship.

Other teams taking part were Lodge, the immediate past champions who ended up in the second position; Unity, Unstoppable, Molineux, Giants, Sylvers, Guinness, Beers, Small Corner, Christchurch, and Phillips, all from Constituency Number Seven. Tabernacle only took part in five matches of the first round, withdrawing due to a lack of players.

In 1996 when the Constituency Number Seven Dr. the Hon Timothy Harris Domino League was founded it had seven teams and no one imagined how popular it would become. Initially, its intended purpose was to unite communities in Constituency Number Seven which Dr. Harris represented in the National Assembly.

Twenty-three years later, the league’s 23rd edition had 14 teams competing from constituencies Number Seven and Six. However, one team dropped out leaving only 13 teams competing in the gruelling home and away round-robin encounters.

“I feel honoured for over the last 23 years we have developed a solid bond of friendship and cooperation,” said Dr. Harris during the awards ceremony.

One issue that troubled the league’s founding members, Osmond Petty, Winston Morris and Calvin Farrell, was ill-discipline among young people, including the development of gang culture which forced people to restrict their movements. That action eroded the camaraderie and friendship between the communities.

“The league was intended in part to be a social intervention and an answer to that,” Dr. Harris explained. “Twenty-three years later the league has played its part in getting communities together. It has encouraged people to move from one section of the country, one region of the country, one village of the country to another. They now do so knowing they have friends and colleagues and well-wishers there. “My heart feels blessed to have been part of this exercise.”

Prime Minister Harris in 23 of his 25 years of his participation in public service he has supported the domino league. He said he will always remember fondly everyone who has participated. They helped the league grow from strength to strength. He pledged to do all he can to work with the league to ensure it continues onward into greater and more success.

“I wish all of you all the very best for 2019,” Dr Harris said during the awards ceremony. “We are looking forward to another interesting league.”