Dr. Douglas: The Passports I have is My Business, Better Worry About the Crime Rate

“The number of passports I have that is my business” that was the response of Leader of the Opposition Dr. Denzil Douglas when questioned by a reporter as to how many passports he currently holds. The former Prime Minister seemed oblivious to conflict of interests and national loyalty multiple passports could imply.

Dr.  Douglas was at a monthly press conference organized by the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party  (SKNLP) where he was questioned.

In response he also challenged the rationale of the Attorney General Vincent Byron to test his validity in Parliament after alleging he is the holder of a diplomatic passport from Dominica.

He said, “It is really amazing that the Attorney General can find time to go on what appears to be a political witch hunt but he doesn’t has time to ensure that the justice system works to bring justice to so many people who have become victims of crime here in St. Kitts and Nevis

“So many unsolved murders. So many unsolved criminal activities…but he finds time to go after some witch hunting in order to distract the attention of the public from real political issues of the day which impact upon how people are living and how their living standards have seriously deteriorated under the Harris regime.”

He further described the court action taken as unfortunate and that Prime Minister  Dr. Timothy Harris was embarrassed having failed to resolve the issue by offering Douglas a diplomatic passport instead of him having to  get one from Dominica.

“I don’t have anything else to say except to emphasize that Dr. Harris has become so embarrassed over the fact that he refused to issue a diplomatic passport to the former Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis in my persons.”

Dr. Douglas also disclosed that he was offered three diplomatic passports from colleagues around the region.

The former PM continued, “He has been so embarrassed over the whole incident that he is trying to hang on to some kind of evading tactics by taking a matter like this to court absolute nonsense!”

The former Prime Minister however continue to state that he does not have citizenship of another country, but indicated that no allegiance is given when a diplomatic passport is issued. He said, “My understanding is once there is a issuance of a diplomatic passport there is no need for any allegiance to be given to any country.

“It is bogus and fake they are claiming that I have a second citizenship, they know that I do not have a second citizenship. It is wasting peoples time and wasting tax payers money and it is trying to take up our time and so I shall leave it, “Dr. Douglas said.

He then uttered,  “The number of passports I have that is my business what else can I say?”

" Loshaun Dixon : ."