By Loshaun Dixon

Basseterre, St. Kitts-Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis Dr. Timothy Harris is issuing a warning to individuals over allegations of unaccounted campaign funds levelled by former People’s Labour Party executive members

Speaking last week at his monthly press conference, Dr Harris called bluff on the claims on the allegations and cautioned those who are trying to implicate him in any such speculation.

Dr. Harris stated that he had already commenced legal action that has led to a radio station having to issue an apology and indicated that other individuals could be held answerable for their claims.

“I would therefore caution those who want to propagate those mischief that they will answer to the court. I myself, am not going to get into any to and fro but it is discouraging when media houses attempt to take hearsay without a scintilla of evidence from disaffected persons,” he said.

He said the allegations were attempts to propagate untrue statements and pass them off as the truth despite senior members of the party dismissing the charges.

“In fact all you have from those stories are some hearsay. Not one credible bit of evidence has been put in the public domain, so why are we talking about this hearsay and propaganda that people are attempting to put on social media for others to follow,” he added.

“I have taken legal action because ultimately that is where the matter will resolve itself,” he said.

Dr. Harris refused to accept further questions on the issue stating that the press conference was not the place to speak on that issue

“For the record I have no questions to answer in relation to any financing for the Peoples Labour Party or the Team Unity movement, the records are clear and interestingly not one person other than disaffected have really brought that issue into the public domain or anywhere else because there is no truth to it, it is a mischief by persons who have long lost their relevance who are now attempting to as it were to besmirch the good reputation of others and they are finding some unsuspecting purveyors of that information and we will take those matters where they ought to, to the court system … to bring justice on those matters.”

Dr. Harris also spoke on the issue of potential campaign finance legislation being brought by his administration.

“Campaign financing that is part of good governance and that is a matter that is there, when that particular program is put to the public then the public will be advised of it. You brought in too, the mischief being propagated by persons who are no longer with the PLP in large measure because of that mischief,” he said.