Pasley Wilkin Principal Education Officer

A “general good performance” was how Principal Education Officer Pasley Wilkin described the June 2017 results for the test of standard in Nevis.

The St. Kitts and Nevis Ministry of Education administers the test in four subjects: English, mathematics, science and social studies. Hundreds of students in the federation would have taken the tests this year. Education officials refer to the test as a “key placement exam.”

According to the ministry, “the ‘test of standards’ is administered to all students of grades three through six each year, and is taken simultaneously at all primary and private schools. For grade six students, the results of this test are used almost exclusively as the yardstick by which to measure students’ ability to perform at the secondary level, and accordingly, to place students in the first form of the secondary school.”

The examination papers are made up by a department referred to as the Curriculum Development Unit, which is located in St. Kitts. Students sit the test in June and each subject is completed on a specific day at the exact time at all the primary schools in the federation.

The Observer spoke with Wilkin July 5. “We have had good performances,” he said. “They have been generally good performances over the years. Generally, we have seen improvement in language arts, specifically in our creative writing part. We have seen continued improvement in math. Generally, our social studies and science [results] have been good.”

When questioned about the averages being dropped for the entrance in 1A1, Wilkin quickly dismissed the claims and noted that “we did not adjust any marks.”

This year, the Maude Crosse Preparatory School amassed the top student on the island again. Hrishikesh Srinivasan’s average for the T.O.S was 96.8 percent. He captured best results in mathematics with a 99 percent average, social studies with a 99 percent average and science with a 96.7 percent average. The school also produced one of the top 10 students on the island in the form of Kimalijah Warner with a 91.6 percent average. This has been the fourth consecutive year that Maude Crosse has produced the best T.O.S results on Nevis. Last year, Alexa Liburd-Walwyn took top position with an average of 90.58 percent.

Schools throughout the federation will close off this school year Friday July 7.