Lady Diva - Reigning Calypso Queen

By S. Williams

While March has seen the celebrations of International Women’s Day and the observance of the Regional Women’s Forum in Nevis during this past week, female calypsonians are will be given the opportunity to perform their messages through music.

Pizza Beach Calypso Show 2017 will host performances from six female calypsonians from St. Kitts with the possibility of someone representing Nevis, on Friday, March 24 at 8 p.m. at Ocean Reef Bar and Restaurant Pizza Beach.

This program over the last few months has sponsored several Calypso tents and performances by their male counterparts including the Legend Tent on Dec. 4, 2016 and Grandmasters Tent in January 2017.

Among the female calypsonians will be Lady Diva, the Reigning 2016/2017 Calypso Queen from St. Kitts, who welcomes the opportunity for women to showcase their talents and was very focal in women’s participation within this genre.

“I think women have been downplayed when it comes to calypso. A lot of men are of the opinion that women should not be in calypso. It’s a man thing. However we know from the past and from other countries around the region that women have participated in calypso competitions and have been singing calypso from since way back,” Lady Diva stated.

“I think it is important for women to be a part of the calypso in the region in St. Kitts and Nevis because we do have a message. And we can bring another perspective to the calypso arena because in my opinion women see things differently to men. So what we have to say would reach a wider crowd. It would reach a bigger audience on a whole. So yes I would like to see more women participating in the calypso and continue to bring the message from a woman’s perspective.”

The other calypsonians are Queeny G, Queen Kibi, Little Miss Attitude, Brown Sugar and Singing Jennifer. Special guests performances will include King Socrates, Lord Pain and Mighty J while music will be provided by the legendary Brass Band.

While a female calypso show is still not currently a confirmed act for the Culturama 2017 festivities, The Observer understands that there is a strong possibility of including such a show on July 31.