(L-R) Allen Broadelt, Dwight 'PAPA' Dore and Jeanette Neil

By Monique Washington

The lone female accused by the police of allegedly participating in a string of larceny, house and building break-ins has been charged with another crime.

On Wednesday a police press release said “Jeanette Warner Neil of Hamilton Estate, Nevis was arrested, formally charged and cautioned for the offence of larceny committed between April 8 and 10, 2016.”

Neil was released on $5,000 bail and is scheduled to appear at the Charlestown Magistrate Court on Oct. 14, 2016.

Neil allegedly participated in a break-in spree with Allen Broadbelt and Dwight ‘Dada’ Dore in a crime-spree that ended April 28 when police officers received a tip and recovered lumber belonging to the Abattoir at Prospect valued at $207.24 in Broadbelt’s yard in Bath Village.

On April 28, a number of stolen items were discovered when police officers executed a search warrant on Broadbelt’s Bath Village residence and Neil’s Hamilton residence. Police officers removed chairs, a barrel containing food and other stolen property from Neil’s home in Hamilton. Items seized included dining tables, air-conditioning units, construction supplies, tools, chairs, sofas, televisions, lamps and cases of alcohol. Authorities even removed the front door of the house where the stolen items were stored, because it was allegedly stolen property.

The crime spree involved residents in Farms Estate Nevis, the Stoney Grove area of Nevis, Nugent Height, and at Superfoods Supermarket in Charlestown.

Neil’s and Dore’s combined bail amounts surpasses EC$20,000. Broadbelt, however, has never been granted bail and was remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison until late June when his first case came up for hearing at Her Majesty’s Court in Charlestown. Broadbelt pled guilty to one of his many charges of  larceny. He admitted to stealing  lumber from the government’s abattoir. He was convicted and sentenced to six months in Her Majesty’s Prison.

Some of the charges the trio faces will be heard at the Magistrate Court, while others will be head at the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court. The trio could face additional charges if victims come forward to identify and claim their stolen items at the Charlestown Police Station.