By L.K. Hewlett

St. Kitts Reporter

Twenty-year-old Glen Thomas of Infirmary Road is under police protection at the J.N. France Hospital after being shot multiple times about his body last Saturday.

Thomas, a fire officer, is in a stable and almost upbeat condition despite the fact that the bullets are still lodged in his body.

“I was by my girlfriend’s house in Taylor’s village because the flu had me feeling really sick. She wanted to go to the club but for some reason I just wasn’t feeling it. I told her she should stay at home. About 1:30 a.m. while we were in the room sitting in bed talking, a hand holding a gun pushed through the louvers and shots started firing. I threw myself on my girlfriend to shield her from the bullets,” Thomas told The Observer.

The young man said he received bullet wounds to his buttocks, leg and side but is being told by doctors that there may be as many as four bullets inside of his body.

“The doctors haven’t operated yet because they say the bullets are playing hide and seek. They ended up in some funny positions which makes it very difficult for the doctors to remove them. I also need O positive blood donors,” he said.

Thomas said looking back, there were some not so obvious signs that something was awry that evening. He also mentioned seeing two suspicious individuals near his girlfriend’s house that night.

A young man who had been in a recent altercation with Thomas was taken into police custody following the shooting incident. The individual was said to have threatened to ‘shoot up’ Thomas’ house and also to cut him up. No other motive for the crime was expressed. Thomas did indicate that his family had immediately requested police protection following the shooting.

Commissioner of Police Robert Jeffers issued a statement reiterating the police’s commitment to resolving all gun related incidents.

“We wish to reassure the general public that the security forces will continue to utilize all available resources in addressing all firearm related incidents that have occurred in the Federation. The police wish to solicit the assistance of the public with information relating to persons in possession of unlicensed firearms. The security forces through the Illegal Firearm Recovery Unit will be unrelenting in their efforts to rid the streets of this federation of all illegal weapons,” the statement read.

The document also stated that information can be communicated anonymously by dialing 707, a toll free number, or by contacting the Criminal Investigation Department at 465-2241.