Fifteen individuals got a chance to realize the home ownership dreams as they were the first to be presented keys under the Government’s Unity Housing Solution Programme.

The first 15 homes of 300 that were constructed by the National Housing Corporation (NHC) with a $50M loan from Social Security were officially handed over during a presentation at the housing project in Cunningham Heights, Cayon.

Chairman of NHC Valentine Lindsay indicated that the Unity Housing Solution that is taking place around the Island will bring hope to citizens in the federation who wish to own a home.

“We have come here to bring hope to other citizens who are waiting in the wings of Unity housing solution.”

Lindsay stated that the allocation ceremony demonstrates that the NHC are committed to family.

“We understand that when our families are happy, we become more productive as a people. NHC is all about building communities, we are creating communities where families can strive at their full potential.”

NHC General Manager Elreter Simpson-Browne noted that for more than 21 years NHC has been delivering affordable home for the people of St. Kitts and Nevis but indicated that this project was the best.

“Of the 12 different housing project we have delivered in our tenure improvements were made in each case. I would hasten to say that the unity housing solution is by far our best product and I am sure you would agree as the evidence before you is clear.”

She added that the projects speaks to two categories, building on NHC land as in the case of and building assistance where they build on land owned by their clients. “

Simpson-Brownest indicated that to date and from April 2017, they have a work in progress over 120 plus houses of which 50 are building assistance.

She also congratulated the home owners and urged them to fulfil their financial obligation in paying their mortgages

“I would also like to congratulate the homeowners today, you are indeed deserving, and you must be proud as you are the first 14 of our proposed 300 clients. However, in doing so, I remind all of you that the government through NHC has done everything to put you in a position that you are able to fulfil your financial responsibility and we expect you to do so.”

Minister of Human Settlement the Hon. Eugene Hamilton hailed the ceremony as a momentous occasion and said that he was proud to share the moment with the new home owners.

“The Team Unity Housing Solution Programme is far more than a home, it is far more than a building, it is far more than a construction project. We recognize in our homes that we create our sanctuary, we recognize that it is in our homes we provide a nurturing and secure environment to raise our children and it is in our homes where we in still values and build future leaders.”

Hamilton stated that they approached the construction with those values in mind.

“We endeavoured to pursue elevated solutions that positively impact the overall quality of life for our people and these homes represent that vision and commitment to that vision and mandate and to the mandate of the institution we refer to as NHC.”

Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis the Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris commended the teamwork that led to the completion of the homes.

He however reminded that while the federation celebrates this occasion others are not so blessed to be able to have a home due to the recent passages of hurricanes.

“While we are here today, celebrating with 15 lucky families elsewhere around the region people are still living under tents, people in Dominica are still living under very special circumstances in Dominica due to the ravages of hurricanes. Equally in St. Martin and Anguilla and around the region there is now a scarcity of dwellings.

“As I came here and saw the beauty of the multi-coloured houses, larger and better than they would normally be, I say good things are happening in the country.”

He also noted that construction of new housing by the NHC is taking place in all eight constituencies on St. Kitts.

“Homes are being built for our people and this is only the first phase. More home are coming shortly.”

Dr. Harris stated that the response of his administration to a clear need for housing in the country will be multifaceted.

“To date we have relied on NHC to provide homes for the middle and low income families and the indigent, and I want to comment NHC for doing a very good job.”

He noted thought and care went into the construction as they tackled some of the most critical areas of need.

“Larger bedrooms, larger bathrooms we identified the roof for special care and action and we replaced the shingles with galvalumes. The shingles for the last two hurricanes did not perform so well, so I am happy that vision was shown by the NHC because they care about families.”

The home owners were then symbolically presented with the keys to their homes and cut the ribbon and welcomed individuals at the ceremony for a walkthrough of their homes.