By S. Williams

Question 1 – Do you think farmers get enough recognition in Nevis?


Well I don’t really think so because the farmers complaining all the time and asking the Government for more land and it looks like they get in problems. You know they going pick and choose who to give so I don’t really think we get the full support from the government. The farmers need more land to get more products. When you have to be complaining and worrying about importing things from outside the island, you need local foods. Most of these foods that you see around is either from St. Kitts or Dominica or something. So most of the people who sell in the market buy from Dominica or as you can see the oranges them inside there, them is not from Nevis. They from overseas so they need the land.


I think the Government does what they can. They can do better but at the end of the day you have to be thankful for what you have. These days are not like long ago when people was studying to eat what comes from the ground. No. Now these days everybody want fast food and Chinese so they not studying the locals goods as much and it’s a real shame because if you eat good and live good then you live long.

Question 2 – What do you think of Health Care in Nevis?

OECS National:

It needs a lot of improvement.  You cannot find a doctor Saturday and Sunday times. If you sick you have to come back and be patient.  The time frame is very long. I think there is room for a lot of improvements honestly. I think also the doctors need to be more professional. I think they need to do thoroughly testing before making final decisions. For example they like to do a lot of butchering and cuts before thorough testing. Also the quality service of the doctors are very poor. If you don’t have the money you going to suffer. I think doctors can give some more concessions when it comes to drugs, the medication part of it. The clinic upstairs in the hospital, you can’t get certain medication so you have to end up buying most of the medication that you need or you have to send to St. Kitts to get those medication.

Talk Show Host:

My opinion? Well it’s terrible you know. Because people don’t even take the chance now these days of borning their babies in Nevis and that’s a bad thing. Back in the past people used to go to St. Kitts a lot and it has started again it looks like. Too many people are dying in the hospitals. Once you go there, there might be a high possibility that you would die. And it’s more or less a resting place for when you go in for your final days. I think it’s terrible relatively to St. Kitts. You know our hospital is more like a clinic. I’ve spoken to so many people who is going through difficult circumstances of dealing with illness and has to cross the waters at nights and some people die on the way. And you know with the upsurge in crime and shooting and all that the hospital haven’t been efficient enough to save many lives so few people die going down to St. Kitts in an attempt to save their lives. And the doctors are too expensive, far too expensive. You go ask a question and they want charge you $100. Health care is not happening, put it that way.

Participant 3:

I believe that health could be a lot better, right, starting from the top come down. They just talk and talk and talk but they don’t do the necessaries that needed for health.  And the money going in all aspects to get health going in the long run, but to me they just talk and they don’t take it seriously to make health the way it supposed to be. Is just talk, talk, talk.


I think it can be much better than what it is right now. The nurses and the problems they have,  I think that they don’t get sufficient pay for the service they doing. Well three people I always have, the police, the nurses and the teachers should be highly paid for the kind of jobs they do. Because first the teacher, you gotta start there. Because they send you off to be a police, they send you off to be a nurse, a doctor.  So I think those people should be highly paid . I don’t think they get sufficient. And they should be more recognized to me. Medication is too high, doctor bill is too high but we don’t have no choice. We have to live with it.