Ian Liburd Minister of Public Infastructure

By Staff Writer

The long-promised bus terminal for Constituency No. 1 won’t be completed until  and ready for use until early January 2017, says Minister of Public Infrastructure and Parliamentary Representative for the constituency Ian Liburd.

Mr. Liburd told The Observer the delay in building the EC$6 millon facility was caused by the relocation of the department’s Vehicles and Maintenance Division.

The site is located in the Newtown community. It is presently being used to repair broken vehicles being used by the Ministry.

He said the work should be completed by the first week in November and that construction on the new bus terminal would begin in early January.

The government has taled about plans to build the facility for months, but have laid out no formal plans to indicate progress. At the government’s recent town hall meeting in Newtown, a district in Liburd’s constituency, government officials unveiled its plans, including a pictorial display of its future plans.

Liburd told The Observer funding for the project has been laid out with part of the $6 million available to clear the site this year. The remaining sum will be available in the 2017 fiscal appropriations that will be laid out later this year.   The government has budgeted $300,000 this year to design and relocate the site. However, the actual cost of the terminal still must be approved by Parliament.

He also said no individual or group would be affected by the relocation and that only the government would occupy the land.