By Loshaun Dixon

Basseterre, St. Kitts-The Grand Masters and their popular tune ‘Wuk U Shift’ snapped a four year streak of the Small Axe band and captured the Sugar 45 Road March title.

Amassing 59 points the chant of ‘Wuk U Shift’ was played more than any other song at the various judging points on Jouvert Morning and Grand Parade Day to win the group’s ninth road march title just months after they celebrated their 30th anniversary.

The popular chant Wuk U Shift was released in the first quarter of 2016 and was a hit since its debut and is a play on the words Wuk encouraging revellers to work their bodies with the vocalist being the foreman on a job site.

The other contenders for the Road March title was ‘Warrior’ by Small axe ‘At it again’ by Kollision and ‘Bruk it Set it’ by Akaii.

Small Axe Band who had dominated the competition for the previous four years and whom many thought were a lock to capture their fifth in a row had to settle for being named ‘Best Sounding Band’.

EK the Real Right won Best Sounding DJ while the Nu Vybes band International easily captured the title for most popular band.

Tribal Tribal Devils by Red Devils has took the Best J’ouvert Troupe title for the second straight year amassing 248.5 points while the Mandinka Warriors took 1st runner-up position with 222 points and 2nd runner-up went to Xtreme J’ouvert with 214 points.

On Grand Parade Day Ultra Carnival who presented ‘Carnival Jungle’ boasted the likes of cricket superstar Chris Gayle won Best Troupe with 785 points and were also adjudicated as Most Punctual Troupe. The runner up spot went to Fhunn Vybes with 781 points, and the 2016 winner Banker Mas Camp had to settle for 2nd runner-up position with 766 points.

Fhunn Vybes who presented the theme ‘Rio 2016’ also won the Largest Troupe award whereas Banker Mas Camp captured Best Awareness Troupe with ‘A Glimpse of Basseterre’.

Banker Mas Camp also captured the title for King of the Band with Romaine Belgrove as well as Queen of the Band through Jonelle Rawlins.

DFX ‘Beauty Everywhere’ also won an award for being the first troupe to launch.

The Troupe of the year winner will coup $25000 in prize money while the largest troupe wins $300 and the Best Awarness Group cops $3000.