As well as 34 voters who were allegedly prevented from casting their ballots, one who could was actually dead. That’s what losing Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) candidate Robelto Hector claims as the main reasons he filed a legal petition challenging the District One poll in the December 18 Nevis Assembly Election.

Hector had been the long serving assembly member for District One St. Paul’s until losing his seat by 11 votes (585 to 596) to the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) candidate Spencer Brand , ending his ten year hold of that constituency. Overall, the NRP lost the elections to the CCM four seats to one seat.

On January 12, Hector filed a petition at the High Court in Nevis against Spencer Brand, (CCM Candidate) Elvin Bailey, (Supervisor of Elections) ,Calvin Fahie, (Registration Officer for the District of St. Paul) and the Attorney General of St. Christopher and Nevis .

“On election day a number of irregularities were recorded by our polling agents. Persons were disenfranchised in that their names were purposely removed from the election register. In addition person’s names that were not included on the register and were allowed to vote in a very arbitrary, capricious ,haphazard manner contrary to our electoral laws and regulations,” he said.

Hector claims that on polling day he found that a person who had dead but whose name was still on the voters list had appeared to vote.

“I have found that a dead person voted at the Charlestown Police Station. Persons also voted without proper identification. Further I must say to you we were able to uncover a plot by the Concerned Citizens Movement and persons within the Electoral Office produced a supplemental list allowing persons who were not on the register of voters to vote on Election Day.”

Hector said that the persons who are responsible for the administration of the electoral system appears they “lack the necessary probity, honesty and integrity” that is required to ensure that elections are free and fair and democratic.

Hector requested the support of Nevisians during his petition and pointed out the court venture is an expensive one. “These election petitions are very expensive and burdensome undertakings. The NRP has just fought an election with or meager resources.” amidst this Hector ensured his continuous fight as “justice will prevail.”