High school students in federation encouraged to pursue higher education for a better life

Host Lesroy Williams and Kimarah Isaac

High school students in federation encouraged to pursue higher education for a better life


BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – Special Project Coordinator to the President at Monroe College Kimarah T. Isaac outlined the benefits of higher education and why it is important for youth to further their education after high school.

On Wednesday’s edition of “Working for You,” Isaac said that students typically pursue higher education as a means of making more money in their future. She also explained that higher education affords persons a better chance of climbing the social ladder and crafting passions into careers.

“We assume that because [people] have gone off to school or done a certificate training programme have the knowledge, expertise and skills,” she said. “In that sense, that individual is able to climb the social ladder a lot faster than the ‘average’ person.”

She also mentioned that statistics show that if a child goes off to college after high school, there is an 80 percent chance that their siblings will also be able to go off to college as well, making a population of highly educated individuals who are able to make better informed decisions.

“The conversation is much larger as to why college, but we definitely have the fact of making more money, standing out, being better, getting more knowledge, and more skilled,” she added.

Isaac also stressed that higher education is not only for students pursuing fields such as business and accounting, but also for students looking at forming careers in the technical fields. She said that, however, for the technical students to pursue certification or degrees in these technical fields, basic subjects such as English and math will be needed.

“All that we want for our kids is to know that we have done our best and they have a happy life,” she said. “It just so happens that we are living in a world today that that happy life comes at a price of something after high school.”