By S. Williams

The statistics from this year’s free Prostate Screening Clinic are out and the results have Federation health officials concerned.

According to the official report, a total of 578 persons were screened in January on the island of Nevis, with 10.55 percent of that being persons screened for Prostate Cancer for the first time.

For the 2017 screening, there was an abnormality rate of 14.53 percent. In comparison to last year’s stats, this shows an increase of 0.06 percent over last year’s abnormality detection rate.

In 2016 a total of 622 clients were screened, the number of abnormal findings was 90, the number of prostate cancer cases detected was 5 and the percentage with abnormal findings was 14.47 percent.;

According to Dr. Dwayne Thwaites, Nevis had a prevalence of about 3.1 percent, but that has gone down considerably below 2 percent due to the amount of screening that  has been carried out on Nevis over the last 10 years.

This year marked Thwaites’ 10th year performing free testing in Nevis and in an interview with the Observer in January, Dr. Dwayne noted that the number of prostate cancer cases has decreased in Nevis over the last 10 years.

‘I think that what we’re seeing more and more is late stage disease. Prostate cancer has decreased considerably over the last ten years and we have more younger people coming in for screening and they’re getting more health conscious and so they come out to get their prostate exams,” he said.

“The number of late stage diseases that we used to pick up has gone down considerably over the last couple of years. The detection rate has decreased also and I think this has to do in part with the amount of screening that we do on a yearly basis. So we’re seeing less numbers of prostate cancers being picked up from when we first started out.”

Dr. Thwaites along with Brian Cohen and urologists Dr. Daniel Caruso and Dr. Chris Gomez offered the 2017 free prostate screening clinic on

Saturday, Jan. 14 at the Occasions Conference Center at Pinney’s Industrial Site in Nevis.