Island Xpressions, Party Central hosts private viewing for youth achievers

From Island Xpressions

Laughter filled the lobby of Caribbean Cinemas on March 10 as 100 deserving children from various primary schools throughout St. Kitts posed for pictures, collected complimentary refreshments and filed into their very own theater for a private screening of the celebrated Black Panther film, sponsored and hosted by Island Xpressions through its POETRY (Putting Our Energies Toward Refocusing Youth) initiative in collaboration with Party Central.

Samal Duggins, president of Island Xpressions, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, explained the significance of the event. “After seeing the film, I thought that it touched on some revolutionary concepts, not only as it relates to black empowerment, but to youth empowerment,” he said. “For example, the people of Wakanda entrusted a young person with leadership of their nation, a young female developed advanced science and technology, which set Wakanda apart from the entire world, while another young female spearheaded the nation’s security and defence. This resonated with me because it falls squarely in line with what Island Xpressions has always advocated for: youth empowerment and youth in leadership roles.

“Therefore it is my hope that the young minds [who] were exposed to this film will walk away with the belief that youth should in no way hinder their ability to do great things: whether in their own lives, in their communities or throughout the federation.”

Owner of Party Central, Ian “Rookie” Phipps, also took the opportunity to record his thoughts. “Party Central has always been about “bringing people together;” in fact, that is our mantra,” he said. “Therefore, it was heartwarming to reward a number of our nation’s brightest stars by bringing them together to be inspired by such a powerful film. It is my hope that this opportunity serves as a reminder to young people that hard work will always reap rewards.”

The organisers also took time out to express gratitude to the teachers and parents from each school that aided with the overall organization, and to B’jon Bass of Stylejerk Photography and Talbo Ruff Neck Taxi and Tours, who provided photography and transportation, respectively.